Sox lose, 5-2, with Beckett out

The first Grapefruit League start for Josh Beckett was over before it even began. While warming up, Beckett was experiencing back spasms, so he was yanked from today’s game against the Marlins. Let’s just hope that this is a minor glitch and not a bad sign for the season. At least it’s not that golden arm.

Manny Delcarmen took the ball instead, and pitched two perfect innings, striking out one. Mike Timlin followed that up with two more scoreless innings, but Craig Hansen struggled again in the 5th, walking two and giving up two runs. Craig Breslow struck out three batters in an inning and a third, looking sharp.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Chris Carter had three hits each, with Ellsbury falling one triple short of hitting for the cycle today. It might be worth noting that Carter is playing some left field, putting him in direct competition with Brandon Moss for a 1B/corner outfield role.

The injured Coco Crisp seems to be growing more and more restless by the day:

Why would you want to sit on the bench? Why would you want to do that? I want to play. It’s just a matter of getting out there and having to reprove yourself (this spring). It’s kind of bogus.

I feel good now, but last year I didn’t… I played with a broken toe, an oblique injury, (and) I was freaking popping my shoulder all crazy trying to dive for balls.

He says he won’t be a problem, but he may demand a trade before Opening Day arrives.


3 Responses to Sox lose, 5-2, with Beckett out

  1. Pat says:

    This has been a mostly crappy spring training. We could really use some sharp players for the early schedule as it looks to be very hard. I’m most worried about the starters, at this point.

    I wouldn’t be concerned about our bullpen if I didn’t think Tito was going to go with Lopez regardless of his performance.

    The good news is: Ellsbury is beginning to crank it up!!!

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    It seems that the Cubs have emerged as possible suitors for Covelli Crisp:

    They are beginning to get cold feet about starting Felix Pie this year, and the $4-6M Crisp makes this year and next is very doable for them.

    Hendry will want to unload Matt Murton, but there’s no room for him here. The other guy who wants out is Jason Marquis, but I think everyone knows he’ll bring almost nothing here. How about lefty reliever Will Ohman, or one of the younger arms who still has minor league options? Failing that, I’d like to grab catching prospect Jake Fox.

  3. redsoxtalk says:

    Josh Beckett reported that he couldn’t sleep at night because of his back, and that it’s not feeling any better today. However, he did undergo an MRI and the problem seems to be muscular and not with his spine/joints. We should be thankful for that.

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