Another loss and why Red Sox Nation need not panic

Daisuke Matsuzaka had yet another lackluster Spring start yesterday against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He needed a lot of pitches to get out of the first inning, in which he gave up a three-run shot to Matt Kemp. But not everything was bad; he settled down afterwards, finishing out his three innings and striking out five, despite the three hits and three walks. Bryan Corey followed with two perfect innings, and David Aardsma struck out two in his frame of work (I really like what I’m seeing from him). Jon Switzer threw an inning scoreless, though Devern Hansack struggled with control in his inning. That body of work is an encouraging sign for bullpen depth this year.

Doug Mirabelli had two of Boston’s five hits, and drawing just three walks on the day is not going to cut it, especially when it happens against Esteban Loaiza.

BTW, Check out this nasty curveball from Dodgers top prospect Clayton Kershaw. Sean Casey is still trying to figure out how this happened:

I know, the Sox have lost six straight Spring games. The rotation looks like a mess, with everyone giving up runs. Josh Beckett has “no timetable” for his return. With Curt Schilling out, we were counting on the young arms to carry us, but Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz haven’t looked very good so far. There’s talk that Bartolo Colon may have convinced the Sox to start Buchholz at Pawtucket this year.

Do not panic.

I know that the media has really transformed Spring Training into a big deal for Red Sox Nation, but it’s important that we keep some perspective here. No matter what you see on the field, these are Spring Training games. Players, especially veterans, are not focusing on winning so much as getting their game in line, doing the small things they’d like to improve for the season. Young players are still getting the butterflies out. And what you see is such a small sample size that it would be ludicrous to draw any conclusions about the 2008 season based on our Spring record or a couple of bad performances. These are still the World Champion Red Sox. This is still the same pitching staff that led the AL last year. Just chill and enjoy watching the games. The pitching will come around, as will the hitting (which typically takes a little longer). As for Buchholz, the Sox never planned to play him all season at the Major League level (if they could help it), given that he’s supposed to top out around 180 IP total this year. They are looking for an excuse to demote him, and that excuse weighs 300 lbs and is named Colon.


One Response to Another loss and why Red Sox Nation need not panic

  1. Pat says:

    Do you have a prediction as to who will be in our bullpen this year?

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