Lester/Santana showdown ends in a tie

It was a matchup we were all waiting for; the ace the Sox almost acquired versus the youngster he was almost traded for and a possible 2008 World Series preview that ended in a 1-1 draw. And with the recent worries with members of Boston’s rotation, Jon Lester turned in a very encouraging performance. Pitted against Johan Santana, thus far the best pitcher of this century, he bore down and very nearly matched him for four innings. He struck out five hitters and allowed just two singles and a walk. I don’t know if I’d qualify the outing as dominant, but he was certainly efficient and effective.

Santana wasn’t too shabby, either. Over four he two-hit the Sox, fanning four. Mets Nation is reveling in having a true ace for the playoffs. I understand the optimism, but it’s still Spring Training, dudes.

Hideki Okajima looked very sharp in two innings of work, and he looks capable of pitching just as well in 2008 as he did in his breakout rookie year. Craig Hansen allowed a run in his frame, but at least he didn’t walk anybody this time out. Craig Breslow continues to make a case for a bullpen spot this Spring, throwing another inning scoreless.

Jacoby Ellsbury and Chris Carter logged two hits apiece, but the lineup was pretty impotent, drawing no walks. Brandon Moss drove in the tying run in the top of the 9th, forcing the extra frame.


2 Responses to Lester/Santana showdown ends in a tie

  1. Pat says:

    The real loser in this is the Twins.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Hey Pat, it certainly seems so; but we’ll have to see what Carlos Gomez becomes before making that judgment. An outfield featuring him and Delmon Young could be really good for the next 5-6 years, so I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re long-term losers yet (though they certainly could be). They certainly look like they lost out on 2008, but with Cleveland and Detroit looking the way they do, I think they are right to rebuild for the future.

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