Coco Crisp: A match made in Japan?

The word is that the Oakland Athletics haven’t found any room on their roster for outfielder Todd Linden. Yet again, the 27-year old player will be out of a Major League job, despite putting up some pretty decent numbers in the minors and being able to play all three outfield spots. Oakland has been mentioned as one of the teams interested in Coco Crisp. And we’re going halfway around the world to play them pretty soon.

Now that sounds like the kind of player I’d be willing to take in return for Crisp: good defensively, not too green, a guy with good size and athleticism, a high-OBP guy and a switch-hitter to boot. Linden is willing to take a fourth-outfielder’s role. He actually still has a little bit of upside if he ever does get some regular playing time (he hit .321/.427/.682 with 30 HR at Triple-A in 2005 as a 25-year old). Linden is out of minor-league options, so there’s that problem. But getting him and one other player from Oakland’s restocked farm system would get it done for me.


One Response to Coco Crisp: A match made in Japan?

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    UPDATE: Linden may be exploring career opportunities in Japan, and if he gets an offer, he could opt out his contract with the A’s.

    Thinking through this further, carrying Linden AND Kielty as reserves could end up problematic, because Linden lacks options. Acquiring him could mean cutting Kielty, who is a more proven commodity (and well-liked, plus he wants to play in Boston). Given the lack of interest in the guy, there might he some personality/character issues with the guy, I don’t know.

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