Yankees top Sox in Spring match, 8-4

Three hits, three walks, four runs. Two outs. That was what Bartolo Colon contributed today in the Sox’ only Spring contest against the Yankees. Colon seemed to struggle with command in this outing, and it cost him against what is still the best lineup in baseball. Julian Tavarez came into the game, and escaping the first inning, got smacked around in a long second inning, giving up doubles to Jason Giambi and Bobby Abreu, who also added a 2-run shot.

Not exactly the start the Fenway Faithful were hoping for. The silver lining is that the Sox kept up with the pinstripes for the rest of the game just fine. Javier Lopez, Craig Hansen and Hunter Jones finished the game off without much struggle. Hansen was sent down to the minor league camp today, but the Sox want him to earn a promotion to the big leagues this season. Also leaving were Lincoln Holdzkom, George Kottaras and Chris Carter.

With a recovering Andy Pettite on the mound for New York, the Sox were able to score two runs in each of the third and fourth innings. Kevin Youkilis tagged a bases-empty shot in the fourth; I really think he’s going to show us a little more power this season, especially if he hits 5th or 6th. Julio Lugo hit leadoff today, and went 0-3; I don’t think returning him to that role is the right move. I didn’t like him there last year, before the season began. You either start with Dustin Pedroia or Jacoby Ellsbury leadoff at this point.

Typical of a veteran who’s been through it all before, Colon wasn’t worried about the outing afterwards. He threw 41 pitches with good velocity, though the results left a lot to be desired. He thought his stuff was okay, but he admitted his control was off. He will throw a bit more and has one more exhibition start scheduled against the Dodgers at the end of the month.

Here’s what I think is the most likely scenario: Clay Buchholz is going to Pawtucket to start (he threw four innings of two-hit ball in the minor league camp), and we’ll probably see Colon make a couple of starts for us in April if he can show something a bit more in Los Angeles. If he doesn’t, he can opt out on May 1, and it’ll probably be Tavarez in the fifth slot until June or so.


One Response to Yankees top Sox in Spring match, 8-4

  1. Colon says:

    Yea Bartolo Colon didn’t have a very good outing last game… I’m hoping he can bounce back with a better performance.

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