Bobby Kielty may opt out

Promises, promises. Opening Day has rolled around, and both Coco Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury are still on the team. This makes for an awkward situation for Bobby Kielty, who re-upped with the Sox under the impression that one of them would be moved this offseason, thus freeing a roster spot for him. After initially saying that he would go down to Pawtucket until this outfield glut is addressed, Kielty, an established veteran, is not so sure anymore. It’s a shame that a talented role-player like Kielty (and someone as well-liked as him) could be lost for nothing because of a full roster.

What is the problem, exactly? The Red Sox front office has been unable to move Crisp this offseason, an offseason which was deep in centerfielders (both free agents and trade candidates). They were asking for quite a bit in return for Coco, which led to potential suitors going with other options. Now the rosters are set and the Sox are stuck with two CFs. Insiders say the Sox are committed to Ellsbury, but they can’t get anything for Crisp if they don’t play him, and Crisp would like to avoid riding the pine.

Other teams have leveled criticism against the Sox front office in the past, saying that they are tough to trade with. Theo asks for a lot in return, and he never budges. Look at the past few years, and you’ll see that the Sox have indeed had trouble with trading away players, making only minor deals. They’ve been a little more flexible and successful when trading FOR players they want, like Josh Beckett. Because of that, they’ve had to splurge a lot in the free agent market, which has yielded some pretty bad contracts (Edgar Renteria, anyone?). Wouldn’t it have been better to just unload Crisp’s contract earlier this offseason and take somewhat less in return?


2 Responses to Bobby Kielty may opt out

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Kielty has decided to accept an assignment to Pawtucket after all. Whew, let’s hope he doesn’t stay there too long.

  2. Pat says:

    That give me a major sigh of relief for me. We could really use him on the bench. He’s a perfect platoon for Drew.

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