Masterson versus Bowden

The blog Minor League Ball by John Sickels has a “Prospect Smackdown” article on two of the Sox’ top pitching prospects (and good friends), Justin Masterson and Michael Bowden. A nice read.

2 Responses to Masterson versus Bowden

  1. Pat says:

    The description of Masterson reminds me of Jake Westbrook.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Westbrook is an interesting comp, and is rather similar in stuff and pitching approach.

    Actually, here is Masterson’s list of top 10 comparables from Baseball Prospectus: Nate Minchey, Richie Gardner, Chris Reitsma, Sean Bergman, Brandon Webb, Sergio Mitre, Garrett Mock, Kameron Loe, Billy Traber, Matt McClendon.

    Masterson’s sinker appears to be better than Westbrook’s, and he’s about 3-4 inches taller and probably 25-30 lbs heavier, giving him more of a downward plane on the pitch. I think eventually he’ll be able to produce results more like Fausto Carmona, Westbrook’s teammate (higher GB%, higher K rate). BP’s comparison to Webb is certainly interesting. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Here are Bowden’s BP comps, just for interest: Jeff Suppan, Eric Hurley, Jose Lima, Javier Vazquez, Robert Pugmire, Kris Honel, Brad Radke, Amaury Telemaco, John Stephens, Ricky Nolasco. He matches up better with these guys than Masterson does with any of his comps.

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