17-12: Sox walk-off again, 2-1

I know I said I wouldn’t post, but I couldn’t resist putting down some of my game notes…

Dustin McGowan: Young flamethrower, very nice pitcher to have. I was impressed with more than his heater.

Daisuke Matsuzaka: Could still throw more strikes, but you can’t argue with the results. Congrats on finishing seven innings. Told you he’d be pretty darn good this year.

Jason Varitek continues to handle the staff masterfully. That’s a TOTAL of 7 runs allowed in four games. Whew!

David Ortiz, another home run and in a key situation. He still pulled it, but as long as it gets out, right? He was noticeably limping at the end of the game; that knee’s still a problem.

What’s with the 2-pitch appearance by Manny Delcarmen? I know it’s a tight game, but I think that was a little harsh. Maybe sending Delcarmen the wrong signals, if you know what I mean.

Is Jonathan Papelbon developing a taste for the pickoff? He got John McDonald when he came in to pinch-run last night. He’s been known to basically ignore baserunners, with the notable exception of Matt Holliday last October. Apparently McDonald and manager John Gibbons think Paps balked on that one, but none of the umps saw it that way.

The Jays got burned twice last night by pinch-runners, when Marco Scutaro failed to tag up in the 8th to advance to third base.

Is John Gibbons paying attention out there? How could he leave Scott Downs (0-1) in there to face Varitek the way he was throwing? You don’t pay respect, you pay the price.

After throwing out Jed Lowrie with one out in the bottom of the 9th to preserve the game (credit to Rod Barajas there too), Vernon Wells failed to keep Manny Ramirez from scoring on the very next play. This could become a recurring nightmare for Wells. Just when he thought he had made up for the game before, it happens again. Maybe he’ll develop some complex about throwing home on a game-deciding single.

Both J.D. Drew and Jacoby Ellsbury are hurting. That means our outfield depth is really hurting.


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