Injury report: Drew, Moss, Cora, Schilling, Colon, Crisp, Ellsbury

It’s a good thing that J.D. Drew could come back and play, because Brandon Moss had to have an emergency appendectomy following his 2-4 performance on Friday, in which he hit a HR and threw out a runner at home from the outfield.

Drew has been sitting for three games with a sore quad; that’s some contrast between the two players, eh? This interview makes Drew sound like a total sissy.

Alex Cora is getting closer to returning, but the Sox are discussing a minor-league rehab stint with him; sounds like he’s not on board with that.

Curt Schilling may begin throwing very soon. His shoulder is now pain-free, and he’s on track with his workouts. Keep in mind, there’s still a long way to go before we see him in Fenway again. I’ve already counted him out for the year, and if he can give us some innings, that’s a bonus. I wonder how much he weighs right now. To his credit, Schilling says:

This is not just about being healthy and coming back. I have to be good. Last time I looked, this rotation didn’t have a hole in it, so there’s a lot of different scenarios that could come about, with innings limitations for guys. I’ve got to come back and be good. I can’t just be healthy and expect to come back and get the spot.

Bartolo Colon is scheduled to throw two innings of extended Spring Training on Monday. Then he’ll join Pawtucket and be ready in case we need a starter in May sometime.

Coco Crisp is day-to-day with a sore left knee and right hammy. He was 1-4 in a start the night before. He does play through pain, whereas Jacoby Ellsbury had to be talked to a little bit on that topic. After being handled with kid gloves for so many years, maybe it’s hard to get used to shedding that “prospect” status.


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