Rockies inquiring on Tavarez

The Denver Post reports that the Colorado Rockies are shopping for a back-end starter. They are looking at Josh Fogg and Julian Tavarez, both former Rockies, to hold down a spot in the rotation temporarily. Top prospect Franklin Morales has been sent to Triple-A to work on his polish.

Fogg and Tavarez are both groundball pitchers, useful at high altitudes, like the Rockies’ home stadium. Both players’ contracts are up after this season, but Fogg probably makes the most sense, having played with the Rox just last season. He also has a salary of $1.2M compared with $3.85M for Tavarez. Of course, if Colorado offers an interesting piece in return, the Sox could always take care of the salary disparity. The Red Sox have shown interest in first baseman Ryan Shealy, even from his days as a Kansas City Royal.

A trade of Tavarez would mean that the mop-up/long man spot in the bullpen would probably go big Kyle Snyder, currently at Pawtucket.

There are some teams looking for outfield help, but it seems that a trade of Coco Crisp is unlikely at this point, given the dearth of healthy outfielders at Pawtucket. I don’t see why Brandon Moss, who can play all three outfield spots, couldn’t stick as the team’s 4th outfielder if Crisp is dealt. He’d likely get a good amount of playing time, if the early going is any indication. But it seems that most teams are interested in landing Moss over Coco.


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