Breaking down Craig Hansen

Driveline Mechanics has a must-read article today on Craig Hansen and his wicked slider. They don’t like his mechanics very much, but then again, they only watched one terrible outing versus Detroit. They do think he’s probably trying too hard to blow people away, which may be an issue.

Unrelated, but interesting: Baseball Think Factory also discusses one reason you won’t see Boston lock up many of its pre-arbitration players long-term.


3 Responses to Breaking down Craig Hansen

  1. Pat says:

    Very interesting. I wonder if this and the last post are leading into a post about potential arms we could trade for or fill in to our bullpen. I’m curious about this considering we are shopping Aardsma and Lopez.

    Not that our bullpen is THAT bad. Just that it’s our weakest link.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Pat, minor correction- we *were* shopping Aardsma and Lopez. It seems like it was just a temporary thing to try and pry a better player away from one of the teams interested in Tavarez.

    There are a lot of potential bullpen trade targets, but with all the injured pitchers these days, no one wants to give up a reliable guy in the pen. The most likely way to land a reliever these days is to trade a good player, and get him as a part of the return package.

    Hansen could still pan out; yesterday’s outing wasn’t as bad as it looked, IMO.

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