Masterson, Carter called up

Justin Masterson is set to open the home stand against the first place Tampa Bay Rays tonight. First baseman Jeff Bailey was sent down to make room on the roster. Don’t expect Masterson to keep up quite the level of performance he has been so far; he is sporting an impossibly low BABIP of .134. If he can last six and hold ’em to three or four runs tonight, I’ll be happy.

The injury to David Ortiz leaves Theo Epstein in quite the pickle. You don’t replace guys like Papi, you simply have to look for other areas to improve. Right now it looks like the Sox could DH Manny Ramirez, employing a fleet-footed outfield of Jacoby Ellsbury, Coco Crisp and J.D. Drew from left to right. Sean Casey could also see some time at DH, meaning we need some extra depth at first base and the corner outfield spots.

Instead of recalling Brandon Moss, who just won International League Batter of the Week by hitting .400 with 4 HR last week, the Sox have opted to call up 25-year old Chris Carter, acquired in a three-way trade for Wily Mo Pena last season. They probably want to keep Moss in his groove for now, and also give Carter a shot. Carter has had some pretty good pop, but he looks to be more of a high-OBP doubles hitter at this point. Of course, that sounds a lot like what people said of Kevin Youkilis when he first came up too…


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