Papi, Sox optimistic about wrist

Sox slugger David Ortiz has been diagnosed with a partially torn tendon sheath in his left wrist, and placed on the 15-day DL. He is wearing a cast for the next two weeks, at least. Different sources have estimated that he will miss 2-4 weeks. From the beginning, the front office has downplayed the severity of the injury (not that we’d expect anything else).

For those who were panicking, this is not the tendon injury that turned Nomar Garciaparra into a below-average hitter for the rest of his career. Now the doctors believe that there’s a good chance that Ortiz’ wrist will heal itself in 3-4 weeks. Here’s what Papi said:

The doctor says 70 to 80 percent of the people that have this, when they get a cast, it normally goes back… I have clicking when I move my hand. If the pain goes away, that’s the main key. If the pain goes away and I still have the clicking, then I can probably play through it and maybe fix it after the season. Otherwise, if I still have the pain, I’m going to be out.

So the Sox will not make a move… yet. The timing is such that Boston will be traveling a lot for interleague play over the next month, and so the DH doesn’t even come into play for some of these next games, and one month does leave us a little time before the trade deadline if it turns out that we need to make a move. For now, Sean Casey may see a lot of time at DH, and Chris Carter has been called up for depth. Should we need more offense, Brandon Moss is ready and waiting at Pawtucket as well. Gotta love that roster depth.

Contingency Plans

Hope for the best, plan for the worst, they say. Some have already suggested the unthinkable: Barry Bonds as a Red Sox. But bringing him in would seriously impact the clubhouse and the front office won’t do it, so let’s visit some other options. I don’t especially like any of these options, but among players with disposable contracts (up after 2008) who could be available there are some interesting names:

Adam Dunn, CIN. A left-handed hitter with great power, Dunn is having a good season for the Reds at .249/.411/.542 with 15 dingers, but it’s pretty much a given that they won’t re-sign him. His free agent status probably means his price tag will be two pretty good prospects, and I don’t know if the Sox are ready to pay that price for a rental.

Raul Ibanez, SEA. Ibanez is a solid lefty bat with average power who doesn’t strike out too much. He’s currently at .261/.328/.438 with 8 HR and 37 RBI, which is a bit below what he’s capable of. Bill Bavasi is looking for offense, so I don’t know what he’d demand in return.

Juan Rivera, LAA. Finally healthy again, Rivera has fallen into the doghouse in LA and had very limited playing time. He’s a health risk and a volatile teammate, but it was just two years ago when he hit .310/.362/.525 with 23 HR in only 448 AB.

Richie Sexson, SEA. Not the best fit as a right-handed bat, but if you heard what’s been happening in Seattle recently, you know that the M’s would gladly give him away for a player, any player. The 6-8, 237 Sexson still has some power, but has a woeful strikeout rate and isn’t hitting line drives (14.9% last year, 14.4% this year). I’ll pass.

Carlos Delgado, NYM. A left-handed hitter with good power, Delgado is scuffling at .232/.315/.391 this season with 8 HR. 20.9% LD rate and a .260 BABIP suggest a correction is in store for him. The Mets are, of course, contenders, but they need pitching. They might also want Jed Lowrie as a potential second baseman, but that seems pretty steep.

Jim Thome, CWS. Another big left-handed power bat. He’s hitting just .206/.327/.429 but has 11 HR. He is suffering from a ridiculously bad .237 BABIP, so that suggests he’s not done quite yet. Kenny Williams won’t give up Thome for nothing, however, so I don’t know how realistic this is. Remember the trouble we had with the Jermaine Dye deal last year?


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