44-28: Sox continue winning ways against O’s, Reds

Two out of three ain’t bad, especially when you’re doing it every series. And doing it without David Ortiz and Daisuke Matsuzaka playing. Midway through June, the Sox have opened up a 2 1/2 game lead in the AL East over the Tampa Bay Rays, who are still around. Also beginning to come up in the rear view mirror are the Yankees, who are getting some phenomenal play out of Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Damon, Mike Mussina, Joba Chamberlain and Jason Giambi.

Jonathan Papelbon talking trash about the Rays: not so cool, says Francona. That’s just Paps and his bulldog ways; I’m sure it’s nothing to be worried about. Right, Paps?

Hideki Okajima and the bullpen got beat up in game 1, but Bartolo Colon (4-1) and Jon Lester (5-3) are making relief a moot point. J.D. Drew just continues to rake.

Justin Masterson (3-1) took the loss in the 3-1 opener in Cincy, but was still solid, striking out 9 over 6 2/3 IP. This kid is already a good #4 starter. Too bad Aaron Harang (3-9) was better that night. A nice piece on Kevin Youkilis, who hit the game-winning homer in Saturday’s game. Josh Beckett (7-4) is looking sharper, and the bats are thriving without Big Papi in there. Congrats to Sean Casey on his 1,500th big league hit.


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