Papelbon’s blown saves? Overblown

Jonathan Papelbon just blew his 4th save of the year two nights ago; he only blew three all of last season. Is he losing his domiance? Is this bullpen going to pieces? Fear not, I think we still have the best closer in the game today.

For fans that have been watching the games, you know that two of these blown saves are nothing to worry about. The first one came on a series of infield hits, an error and a bloop single to left by the Tigers. The one against the Twins was legitimate, but could have been avoided if Mike Lamb hits it a little closer to Mike Lowell. And this latest one might have been avoided altogether if Coco Crisp had gotten a good jump on Adam Kennedy‘s game-tying double to center.

This is not a bad portent of things to come, folks, it’s just the bumps and bruises of baseball.


2 Responses to Papelbon’s blown saves? Overblown

  1. Victor Lim says:

    K-Rod and Mariano joins Papelbon as the game’s best closers

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Hi Victor, welcome to the site. Rivera is without a doubt the game’s best closer throughout history; my point was more who is the best “right now”, regardless of career stats.

    I would include K-Rod, but not Rivera, under those conditions. Personally, I think Paps is better than everyone else right now. But that’s just my opinion.

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