Youkilis’ eye costs the Sox

It was a classic pitcher’s duel between Josh Beckett and Dan Haren. Then before the 5th inning, during the infield warmup, a Mike Lowell throw shorthopped Kevin Youkilis and struck his right eye, which promptly swelled to huge proportions.

Because Sean Casey had just started serving his three-game suspension, in comes Brandon Moss, who has been working out at first base since the end of last year. He was okay, but he bobbled a ball in the 7th that allowed a critical run to score. The broken bat grounder would probably have produced an out at the plate.

It’s not like this was the only play that could have changed the game, but it was one of them for sure. If Youk isn’t ready to go tonight, don’t be surprised if there is a roster move to call up someone from Pawtucket; maybe Jeff Bailey.


2 Responses to Youkilis’ eye costs the Sox

  1. Pat says:

    Bailey? Oh you mean the 28 year old hitting .320/.421/.668 (1.089) with 22HRs and 57RBIs in 66 games in Pawtucket. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him. Then again, I hope we don’t have to.

    Where did he come from? When did we get him? He must be raising eyebrows.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Bailey is an old Sox farmhand, originally drafted by Florida in the 2nd round in 1997. He was traded to Montreal and became a free agent after 2003, and has been with Boston ever since. He actually became a minor-league free agent twice with Boston, only to re-sign with the Sox both times.

    Great guy, can’t say enough about his character, sticking around like that. He’s never been given a real chance because he’s not great defensively and doesn’t hit well enough to DH. He’s always had decent power and has improved his eye, but most scouts say his swing doesn’t translate well to the bigs.

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