Crisp handed 5-game suspension

Coco Crisp was able to get his suspension cut from 7 games to 5 yesterday for his role in the brawl between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays this month. He will begin serving the suspension on Saturday, and will be eligible to play July 3 for the Yankee series in New York.

The presence of Jacoby Ellsbury on this team, of course, allows the Sox to take this in stride without batting an eye. Feel free to charge the mound again, Coco.


2 Responses to Crisp handed 5-game suspension

  1. Pat says:

    Now that Coco isn’t here, I miss him. I feel like Ellsbury could use a day or two off to relieve the mental strain.

    One more game is all. I’ll be glad to see him back.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    I guess there is a bit more pressure to perform as a rookie trying to earn the job 100%. But my guess is that Ells will be just fine. He gets fired up, but doesn’t seem to be an emotional player.

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