Colon problems

Sorry for the rather gross title. But it seems Bartolo Colon has hit another speed bump in his throwing program. He felt discomfort during long toss at 120 feet the other day, and will take a couple of days off. Let’s just hope it was the big lunch he ate, and not anything serious.

Francona set a re-evaluation timeline of after the All-Star Break for the big righty.


2 Responses to Colon problems

  1. Pat says:

    Thank goodness for Justin Masterson!!!

    It’s strange that Colon didn’t think he needed a DL stint after he hurt his back with those ridiculous swings (damn you inter league baseball!), but then he keeps having minor set backs on the DL.

    I assume, like Curt Shilling, Colon isn’t use to his more fragile older body and isn’t sure what it takes to recover.

    I think we will, but even if we don’t use Colon again this year, his handful of starts were very useful.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    I think Colon has a hard time coming back because he’s older and just out of shape. As they age, muscles and joints don’t handle extra weight and stress gracefully. Let’s hope that he can get healthy enough to contribute in early to mid-August sometime; September should be fine due to roster expansion.

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