Sox targeting catchers, shortstops

Tony Massarotti reported a few days ago that, in addition to bullpen arms, the Sox have been inquiring about young catchers and shortstops. Considering that they are getting the least offensive production from these two positions, and Jason Varitek‘s impending free agency, this makes a lot of sense.

I fully expect the Sox to extend the Captain for two years with maybe a third year team option. The Sox do have several young catchers in the pipeline, most notably Mark Wagner and Luis Exposito, but no one who seems capable of stepping up to start in 2009, or maybe even 2010. They would be smart to get a near-ready player who they could carry as a backup next year to learn on-the-job from Tek.

Julio Lugo is locked up for another two years, but he could possibly become tradeable in a year if the Sox eat a lot of his deal.

Of course, the official line is that Boston is content to stand pat at this year’s trade deadline. Epstein would rather lean on the minor league system than recruit short-term help. The name Eric Gagne comes up often, but I don’t think the Sox should necessarily not make a move because it didn’t work out last year.


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