Braves extend an offer for Youkilis?

Peter Gammons reported recently that the Atlanta Braves may have offered Mark Teixeira to the Red Sox in return for Kevin Youkilis and Craig Hansen. I’ve already gone into depth weighing some of the costs and benefits of a Youkilis-for-Teixeira swap. Basically, the upgrade is only necessary if one David Ortiz isn’t capable of coming back.

The Braves have been linked to Hansen as early as 2006, when they expressed an interest in acquiring the young reliever, along with Coco Crisp and Jon Lester in return for Andruw Jones. Theo Epstein denied the rumor, meaning that Boston doesn’t intend to accept the first offer. Gordon Edes interprets the denial as, “not right now, but keep us in mind”.

Personally, I think Youkilis by himself is worth more than two compensation picks, so we would be giving up too much in this deal. Tex is a nice piece, but I’m not sure the Sox want to commit to sinking $20M/year into first base, where help is generally not too hard to find.


2 Responses to Braves extend an offer for Youkilis?

  1. Coach (Lets go Braves) says:

    I think that Theo Epstein was wise to give this proposed trade the thumbs down. Teixeira for Youkilis equates to 1-1=0. The Red Sox are trying to add offense, trading one first baseman for another accomplishes nothing in this regard and Craig Hansen is almost a non-factor.

    If the Braves are really serious they should offer up Tex and Will Ohman for a package of three to five Red Sox prospects headed up by Justin Masterson or Michael Bowden.

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say Tex and Youk are a wash as players. Judging them on their first halves this year, especially, would be a mistake. However, I do agree that Youkilis for two more years under team control is worth a lot, and $20M/per is pretty rich for a first baseman, even one who plays good defense.

    I like Ohman a lot; and the Braves could go all prospects if they wanted to completely rebuild, but they have always opted for a slow rebuilding while trying to stay competitive. I don’t think they want to give Scott Thorman the starting job again, so they’d probably like to get a 1B in return.

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