Sox’ big deadline move: Juan Uribe?

That’s what Danny Knobler at CBS Sports seems to think. Knobler speculates that the return on a deal might be Alex Cora, who has “fallen out of favor in Boston”. Uh, excuse me? Did I miss something here? Cora is a guy that the Red Sox signed for two years because they love him and they want him to coach for them in the future. Acquiring Uribe would require a roster spot to free up, but that doesn’t mean we would swap these guys straight up.

Uribe is a superb defensive infielder with a little pop, but as a swing-first kind of guy, definitely not the type of hitter the Red Sox are looking to get. Cora is also pretty darn good with the glove. It doesn’t make sense to me that the Sox would swap utility infielders to get a slight defensive upgrade and have the privilege of paying a lot more money.

To me, this is a baseless rumor. The only context I can think of in which the Sox would take on Uribe’s deal is if there were another desirable player packaged with him, possibly a reliever like big Matt Thornton. The player who would make sense in that deal would be Jed Lowrie, but with Julio Lugo on the mend, that doesn’t seem likely either.


One Response to Sox’ big deadline move: Juan Uribe?

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Thankfully, this idea has been shelved. Honestly, I don’t see why the Sox would even consider this deal.

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