Links: Why Manny just had to go

For those Manny apologists still out there, here are some must-reads, now that the deed is done:

Sean McAdam: A majority of the team basically demanded that Ramirez be traded away. They just refused to play with him anymore. How many times do you hear that about someone?

Peter Gammons: Manny cares only about his numbers and his money, not his teammates. Did you ever notice how his hamstrings often started barking when there were hard-throwing youngsters on the mound? But it was more than just that; he pushed it too far this season.

Gerry Callahan: He recounts plenty of moments when you just couldn’t believe how selfish Manny was. Once you understand the person, you’ll understand why the Sox just couldn’t take him for another two months.

Bill Burt: The incident with Jack McCormick sealed the deal for most within the Red Sox organization.

There’s plenty of positive spin in the news in LA about Manny. With a contract on the line, he should be able to keep up the good face for two months, right?

Nomar Garciaparra and Johnny Damon both say that the pattern of unhappy players leaving Boston is telling, and I don’t deny that there is something to this. This front office cares only about winning, and has a tendency to cut players who can still play. They should understand that. If they feel spurned, then they should play well and make the Red Sox regret it. But the results so far say that they’re doing it right.

No one’s gonna argue with the achievements or the numbers, but the person? Unbearable for 8 years.


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