Sox update: Youkilis okay

Good news today. Kevin Youkilis‘ hand is bruised and swollen, but not broken after being hit by a Luke Hochevar pitch yesterday. Youk is the glue that’s held this lineup together all year.

The Red Sox are now 5-1 since trading away a Hall of Fame hitter; their starters are turning in quality outings, and the bullpen is tightening it up. I like the way this team is constituted, and how everyone is picking each other up at different times. Yes, the 3-4 punch is gone, but the lineup is deep and balanced.

The front office is still out there looking for bullpen help; the latest possible name is Scott Eyre, who was designated for assignment the other day by the Cubs. Eyre is a 36-year old fastball-slider lefty who has been pretty solid in the NL for a while. Not sure if I see this as much of an upgrade over Javier Lopez, but he’s worth a PTBNL.

The Rays continue to defy their talent level, inexperience and my predictions, but their starting pitching has looked shakier these past two weeks. They’re good, but I don’t think they’re the best (talent-wise) in the AL. When that goes, their bullpen will follow suit.


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