Manny still irks me from the West Coast

Even though he’s not on the team, Manny Ramirez has still found a way to bother me. Seeing the way Manny has hit for the Dodgers since the trade (.485/.528/.879 with 4 HR in 8 games) just makes me wonder, how much was this guy really holding back? It’s almost as if he flipped a switch and the old Manny is suddenly back.

Ramirez is certainly being very aggressive at the plate, swinging at 39.34% of balls outside of the zone and 55.96% overall. The amazing thing is, it’s working and his overall contact rate has barely changed. The batted ball data make it look like a mixture of well-hit balls and luck (.480 BABIP, 44.4% HR/FB ratio), but with Manny, you just never know. What if he had put it all behind him and just played baseball, you know, the way he’s supposed to?


2 Responses to Manny still irks me from the West Coast

  1. Mai says:

    That’s Manny for ya! It’s obvious that he loves LA, heck, I remember hearing somewhere that he said he wanted to finish his career in a Dodgers uni (sound familiar?).

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    Manny loves being on a new team where he can just play out the year and go to free agency. I’m sure it’s also nice having a little more obscurity among all the stars out there, plus the weather is better.

    His “love” for LA will only last as long as the offseason (or the dollars thrown at him), I predict.

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