Sox sign Ross to a minor-league deal

The Red Sox signed newly-released catcher David Ross to a minor league contract today, adding some needed catching depth behind Jason Varitek. I think the Sox are just picking him up as insurance, and we’ll see him on this roster come September for sure. There is no record that he’s good catching knuckleballs, so I’ll assume for now he isn’t replacing Kevin Cash on this roster yet. Despite his long drive yesterday, Cash is a lifetime .180 hitter and not considered a Major League starter. He should have a spot on this year’s team as long as Tim Wakefield is pitching every five days. As Ken Rosenthal notes, in order to be eligible for the playoffs, Ross has to be called up before the expansion deadline.

The 31-year old Ross has been a part-time player with Cincinnati the past three years, and is hitting .223/.310/.437 for his career, all in the NL. Ross is hitting a surprising .267/.328/.533 in 135 Inter-League plate appearances. A right-handed hitter, Ross has a normal platoon split, and pretty decent pop for a backstop, but isn’t much more than a Doug Mirabelli-type player. He’s a slow bat, and can’t catch up to power stuff, but has great success when he’s been able to pull the ball.


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