Beckett was great, but…

Josh Beckett pitched five shutout innings in his return from the DL yesterday, striking out seven and walking nobody. He looked strong, repeated his mechanics and threw a lot of pitches, considering. His fastball moved well and his bender showed some nice, tight break. There was that one curve that slipped, but otherwise it seemed like a flawless performance right?

Anyone else notice that Beckett was working high in the strike zone all night? It bothers me that his fastball is consistently thigh- to belt-high. Not many strikes around the knees at all, though he did manage a key double play on a two-seamer to Michael Young. I’d like to see him command a bit more in the zone, plus get that velocity back up slightly (he was working about 92-94 mph early, and 91-92 mph late in his start).

It was great to see Mike Lowell come off the DL and homer, and Kevin Youkilis come back and homer tonight as well. As for Tim Wakefield, it was only a matter of time before he had one of these; when was the last time he posted a season ERA under 4.00?


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