Schilling airs some dirty laundry about Manny

For those who haven’t heard the interview, Curt Schilling came on WEEI this morning and gave the most blunt statement of Manny-gate thus far. Pretty damning stuff; still think that the Sox shouldn’t have traded him away? Too bad Manny’s hitting so well in LA. Just wait till they sign him long-term.


One Response to Schilling airs some dirty laundry about Manny

  1. jampony112 says:

    First let me say I am a huge fan of the Boston Redsox and despite what Curt Schilling has to say about Manny is really not important. What is important Manny is an excellent ball player, the Redsox do not pay him for his personality, and they pay him to play which he has yet to let anyone down. On the other hand Curt Schilling has been in the Mash Unit the whole years to include some last year and he’s worried about how Manny was as a teammate. Curt Schilling, Manny Ramirez is no longer your team mate stop crying and Man-up get well and help your team instead of sitting at home or sitting on the bench wasting the owner’s money. You’re a good pitcher and some will say great but over the last few years your mouth has made your value and worth as a human being less attractive because you worry about other people and not yourself. Please just shut your mouth and tell Coach to put you in the game, other than that Manny is doing really well in LA and does not care one bit what some washed up 40 year old pitcher who has yet to throw one inning of baseball in 2008 has to say.

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