Clinched: Time to get healthy

The Red Sox finally did it tonight, with their 92nd win. They are in the playoffs for the 2nd straight season and the 5th time in the past 6 years. And they got the 5-4 victory against the Cleveland Indians’ best pitcher, Cliff Lee, handing Lee just his 3rd loss this entire season. That’s gotta feel good.

The Sox should not and will not kill themselves trying to overtake Tampa Bay at this point; although it would be nice to win the division and start with the White Sox rather than the Angels, I do think it’s more important to get everyone healthy and get the rotation rested and in order. I have to confess that I don’t have the confidence I had last year going into this year’s playoffs; at the same time, there is no other team out there that really scares me. It should be a great playoff season, one way or another. And if this year’s squad can win it all despite all the injuries and setbacks, I think the 2008 club can call itself the better ballclub. Who could have foreseen that we’d be 3rd in runs in all of baseball, ahead of the mighty Yankees and Tigers (with David Ortiz ailing all year and a trade of Manny Ramirez, no less)? These guys have really stepped it up and given us a great season. So no matter what happens from here on out, thanks guys.

As I have posted here, I am in favor of going Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, then Daisuke Matsuzaka for the ALDS. If you haven’t heard, J.D. Drew received another epidural shot of anesthetic yesterday in a last-ditch attempt to play through his herniated disc. Apparently it worked, at least for the short term and in batting practice. Those who have maligned Drew for not trying to play hurt are not paying attention to what’s going on here: that’s exactly what he’s trying to do. This could cause some longer-term ill effects if it goes badly, and considering he’s still got 3 years left on his deal, it’s a bit of a risk for the Sox. This could be this year’s bloody sock, so cut him some slack, guys.

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