Beckett strains oblique; Sox limp into ALDS

For those of you who weren’t worried about the Sox offense because of Josh Beckett and the pitching staff, start worrying. Beckett strained his right oblique in a bullpen session yesterday, and has been pushed back to Game 3 starter for the ALDS against Los Angeles. Not good. He’s supposed to play catch tomorrow, then try a side session on Wednesday.

With Mike Lowell a question mark and J.D. Drew disappearing into the postseason ether, we will need a heroic effort from Daisuke Matsuzaka in particular if we’re going to prevail in that series. And even then I don’t see us as a favorite to win it. Let’s keep the faith, though. This is still nothing compared to being down 3-0 to the Yankees.

Congrats to Jon Lester, who was named AL Pitcher of the Month. Who would’ve imagined he’d win this award twice this year on route to becoming one of the top pitchers in the AL? We’ll need his best performance if we want to beat the Angels. I’ve got tickets to Game 4, so I’ll get to see him throw.


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