2008 ALDS Game 1: Lester shines, 4-1

It was a well-pitched game by John Lackey, but a 2-run home run by Jason Bay would put the Sox ahead to stay. Welcome to the playoffs, Jason. Jon Lester settled down to throw seven strong innings, and the Sox pushed across two more runs against Scot Shields in the 9th to seal the deal. 1 game to none, Red Sox.

The Angels took 8 of 9 this season, but that’s the regular season. This is totally different. For those who were concerned about Lester’s road record this season, a big I told you so. It doesn’t matter as much as some people think it does, due to small sample size.

The Angels missed their chance to tie it in the 8th when Vladimir Guerrero tried to go first to third on Torii Hunter’s flare to short right field. Kevin Youkilis jumped up after his diving attempt, and gunned it over to third base, making it 2 outs. Jacoby Ellsbury also made a huge diving grab for the first out on Mark Teixeira.

I thought that Mike Scioscia took a pretty big gamble by letting Darren Oliver start the 9th against Kevin Youkilis with a 1-run lead. He wanted to keep Oliver (their only lefty) in to face J.D. Drew. You don’t take that risk in the playoffs, and Youk almost made him pay big time, ripping a ball just foul of the left field pole.

And for those who were doubting the best closer in the Majors, Jonathan Papelbon slammed the door with lots and lots of 95 mph fastballs. That was a great stat TBS flashed up there, that the whole Angels roster was 1-38 off of him this season. It almost makes up for the announcer calling Big Papi “David Ortez” all night.

It would be awesome for the Sox to take game 2, but I’m not optimistic¬† on the matchup. I just want Daisuke to give us six innings so that our bullpen is well-rested for the games at Fenway. If we manage to take Friday’s game, I think our postseason success will get in their heads and the Angels might just fold.

One Response to 2008 ALDS Game 1: Lester shines, 4-1

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    For those who haven’t heard yet, TBS’s announcers insisted that Pedey’s nickname was Caballito, or “Little Pony”. Those who have been around the clubhouse all year have never heard that term even once, so that’s a big ignorant strike on TBS.

    Can you guys hire someone who actually watches baseball once in a while?

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