2008 Offseason: Sox considering Teixeira?

The biggest free agent position player available this offseason is 28-year old first baseman Mark Teixeira. He’s a switch-hitting power hitter with a career .290/.378/.541 line, plays Gold Glove defense and is a team player with no off-field baggage. Who wouldn’t want him? Tony Massarotti writes that “a club source” confirms the Red Sox have had internal talks regarding Big Tex, with any signing requiring a trade of Mike Lowell and a shift of Kevin Youkilis to third base.

I’ve gone over Teixeira’s value here and how he might fit in Boston here, so I won’t rehash that.

Last offseason, I would have considered an acquisition of Teixeira, but Youk’s incredible season has convinced me that Tex is not the right guy for this team. Consider the contract Teixeira would require: $18-20M per season for at least 5 years. Bidding by the Angels and Yankees could push that price even higher. Spending that kind of money at first base, where we already have a Gold Glove player who can provide about 80-85% of what Teixeira can at the plate (Youk had a great 2008, but I wouldn’t expect those numbers every year). In adition, we have a top prospect at first base, Lars Anderson, who could be ready about the time Youkilis will be hitting free agency in two years. That gives us options.

Trading Lowell in a deal where we will most likely have to eat more cash, plus moving Youkilis over to third permanently is a lot of trouble to go to for the privilege of spending huge money on Teixeira. Should we need help at first sooner, that is a much easier position to fill, than say, number 2 starter or catcher. So I think the Sox should look elsewhere to spend their free agent dollars this year.


One Response to 2008 Offseason: Sox considering Teixeira?

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Another consideration: Mike Lowell just had arthroscopic surgery on his hip, and he “should be ready to go for Spring Training or shortly thereafter”. That means we won’t be able to shop him around until most teams have set their rosters for 2009. Does that sound good for a trade scenario?

    Read this post at the DL Informer:

    Short of trading Youkilis, the only way we’re signing Texeira is if he’s still around as a free agent in late February.

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