Dodgers offer 2-year, $60M deal to Manny?

Under intense public pressure to re-sign his slugger, Dodger GM Ned Colletti may be offering a 2-year deal worth $60M to Manny Ramirez. This is similar to the deal that Los Angeles gave to Andruw Jones last offseason, big money for short years. In contrast, agent Scott Boras has said that his 37-year old-to-be client is looking for a 5-year deal valued at $25M per year, but that’s just not going to happen.

There is no chance Boras accepts this deal at this point in the offseason, but I understand the logic. The Dodgers have set the opening bid high enough so that other teams will have to top $60M to sign Ramirez. No one knows exactly how the off-field stuff will impact interest in signing Ramirez, so they don’t want to set the market quite yet. If no one else shows enough interest (much like Jones last year, another Boras client), maybe they can get him to sign off on a similar deal later in the offseason. If he accepts, they hedge their bets with a short-term deal on an aging player. Even if someone else nabs him, Colletti can point to this, and say that they tried to make him the highest-paid player in baseball, but he said no.

It would be awesome if Boras falls flat on his face and fails to get Manny the $100M contract he promised him.


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