2008 Offseason: The case for Chris Snyder

There are actually a decent number of catchers with “potential” or seen as “on the brink” of making it out there. After perusing the free agent market, I’m looking at potential trade targets and liking catcher Chris Snyder of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Snyder is a 27-year old right-handed catcher with 4+ years of Major League experience. He’s seen as an average or above-average defensive catcher; a couple of years with Jason Varitek, and he should be fine behind the plate. Over his career, he’s thrown out a respectable 33.4% of baserunners. He’s hit .238/.332/.404 over his career, but been close to a league average bat (OPS+ of 94 or above for all players, not just catchers) all but his first full season, in 2005. He’s shown good power, hitting a total of 29 HR the past two seasons. He doesn’t hit for much average (he does strike out a lot) but boasts a good walk rate, and his OBP has been over .342 the last three seasons. He really doesn’t swing at much outside the strike zone (17.9% over his career), and that helps make up for his poor 78.6% contact rate.

Snyder is also already into his salary arbitration years, so The Dbacks may be open to trading him. He made $1.85M this year, and with his strong season, stands to make somewhere around $2.5-3M in 2009. They have young prospect Miguel Montero ready to take over the job, and I’d rather have him, but that’s what could make Snyder potentially available for not too much cost. Arizona GM Josh Byrnes is originally from the Red Sox organization, and has worked deals with the Sox in recent years.

Why on earth would I advocate getting a guy like this instead of a stud prospect, like Taylor Teagarden? It has to do with what it would cost us as a franchise, should we trade for a guy like that, namely Clay Buchholz. I’m not ready to give up on him (see Lester, Jon one year ago). Snyder is Major League-proven and can be had for far less.


4 Responses to 2008 Offseason: The case for Chris Snyder

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    MLB Trade Rumors confirms that Chris Snyder is available this offseason. The Dbacks are looking to cut costs (they just let go a bunch of front office people), so they might not ask too much for him.

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