2009 Offseason: Pedey wins Silver Slugger, other news

Dustin Pedroia has been awarded the AL Silver Slugger at second base. He was clearly the best hitter at his position this year. Put that together with his Gold Glove, and you’re talking arguably the best second baseman in baseball. Congrats, Dustin!

There is some interest on the part of the Red Sox in free agent pitcher Derek Lowe. I don’t think the Sox go four years on Lowe, but they have to at least check in on him, right? A return to the AL might not be kind to this 35-year old.

The Red Sox have decided to freeze ticket prices from last season, in light of the bad economy. Good PR move by them, but since they already charged the most in baseball, it’s more of a nice gesture than real price relief.

David Ortiz on friend and former teammate Manny Ramirez. Stops short of Curt Schilling, but doesn’t do him any favors, either.

Art Martone of the The Providence Journal recaps the performances of Boston’s prospects in winter league ball.

Sox Therapy is calling for the Sox to sign Kerry Wood as a free agent. If Wood is willing to be a setup man, I’d be all for it; however, I don’t see him signing for setup man money, and there are plenty of closer spots available around the League. The Red Sox also expressed interest in Wood last year, but it’s not that realistic that he’d sign with us.


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