2009 Offseason: Sox trade for Littleton, hire Bogar at first

The Red Sox acquired 25-year old right-hander Wes Littleton from Texas a couple of days ago for two PTBNLs. Littleton throws a sinker in the high 80s as well as a slurve that clocks in around 75 mph, making him tough on right-handed hitters. He has a half-decent changeup that he can mix in against lefties as well.

The good is that Littleton gets around 60% ground balls; but while he’s struck out a good number of hitters at the Triple-A level, but hasn’t been able to replicate that in the Majors. I expect him to provide bullpen depth at Pawtucket, but he could see some significant time, should Justin Masterson stick in the rotation. He was out of minor league options, so they won’t have to give up too much for him.

Bogar named first base coach

The Sox have tapped 44-year old Tampa Bay assistant coach Tim Bogar as their new first base coach. He’s a former middle infielder, and has also spent time coaching in the Houston and Cleveland farm systems. He won the Eastern League Manager of the Year Award in 2006, and comes highly recommended by John Farrell. The Sox will look to him to work with the infield (like they need much help) and improve the baserunning.


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