2009 Offseason: Winter Meetings underway

Theo Epstein and his cohort have arrived in Las Vegas, and are taking part in the GM Winter Meetings for the next three days. Is there something big in the works? All the signs point to a pretty big free agent signing, and I suspect it will be a young starting pitcher.

As usual, the front office has spouted its usual rhetoric of taking a wait and see attitude (aka read and react). The Red Sox will sign anyone if they come at a bargain price relative to the value they have assigned to them in an area of need. There is no need, and there will be no bargain for Teixeira, so I just don’t see that signing. Infield Chatter has also taken my side on not signing Mark Teixeira.

Both Jason Varitek and Paul Byrd turned down salary arbitration, which means that whoever signs one of them will net the Red Sox compensatory draft picks. With overall interest already questionable, the suitors for Jason Varitek are diminishing daily. The Detroit Tigers hve dropped out, electing instead to trade for Gerald Laird as their new starter. However, agent Scott Boras remains ever optimistic.


3 Responses to 2009 Offseason: Winter Meetings underway

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Day 2 UPDATE: The Rangers have their hearts set on Clay Buchholz, but Epstein is not going to give him up easily:

    It looks like the Sox’s focus is on A.J. Burnett for now:

    Mike McDermott is convinced that Rocco Baldelli is Boston-bound:

    The Red Sox did add someone, just not a player:

    Francona puts off his back surgery:

  2. Pat says:

    That Infield Chatter post was pretty intriguing. I had been getting myself worked up about what our lineup would look like with Tiexiera and Bay, but I see signing him could be a mistake.

    Assuming we don’t pick up Tex, I would think getting an above average infield bench player would be very important for 2009, considering we don’t know how Lowell will rebound. I liked Sean Casey’s bat off the bench, but it seems like he isn’t coming back.

    I can see why Epstein was interested in Khalil Greene. Getting a replacement for Lugo would give us Lowrie on the bench, whom I would consider an above average bench infielder.

    Baldelli’s condition is a big concern.

    This offseason is a real test for Theo Epstine, to see how well he can balance this team and set them up to win now and in the future. Very exciting.

  3. redsoxtalk says:

    Hey Pat, nice to see you on the blog again. I agree with you that the Sox should address this depth issue. Right now the contingency plan for Lowell not coming back for a while would be to play Lugo at short and slide Lowrie over to third base. Doing that would work defensively, but you’re losing a lot of pop in the process.

    Lowell’s hip abductor should not keep him out all season, even with a slow recovery; so at most we’re talking a month or two of this scenario.

    Casey is a good singles hitter; that said, I don’t think his defense or baserunning help his case for playing time here.

    Baldelli is not even sure exactly how much he can play, and it’d be a shame if he couldn’t go when we needed him; just spelling guys here and there is no problem, but if we have more than one major outfield injury, we’re toast.

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