2009 Offseason: Progress with Tek, Teixeira slipping away?

The Red Sox tendered an official offer to Jason Varitek yesterday, according to agent Scott Boras, but Nick Cafardo is now disputing that. Boston’s offer is purportedly for two years and an unknown dollar amount. It’s beginning to look like Varitek will re-sign in Boston after all.

Teixeira offers getting crazy

All the papers are saying that the Red Sox are finalists in the Mark Teixeira derby, but if the rumors are true that Washington and Baltimore are offering 9- and 10-year deals at $20M per season, I don’t see the Red Sox matching that. As great a player as Big Tex is, he’s not the best first baseman in the Major Leagues (Albert Pujols is an even better defender and will be eligible for free agency in a couple of years). And it’s hard to imagine that he’ll still be worth that much at age 38. Then there is the issue of the opt out clause that Scott Boras is likely pursuing for his client; Epstein has not given one to any player yet, and doesn’t plan to anytime soon.

Front-line starter signing unlikely

With the Yankees tendering a 5-year, $91M offer to A.J. Burnett, Epstein and company are moving on to second-tier starters. They are one of the six teams being considered by long-time Atlanta Brave John Smoltz.

Lugo for Byrnes?

Another team is interested in Julio Lugo. The Diamondbacks, in need of a second baseman, might be willing to send Eric Byrnes to Boston if we include enough cash in the deal. If this rumor is true, I do it yesterday. I remember questioning the contract extension Byrnes got from the Dbacks one year ago; they should have just let him go. Byrnes would make an excellent 4th outfielder, if he would accept that role.


5 Responses to 2009 Offseason: Progress with Tek, Teixeira slipping away?

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Epstein confirmed that he did make an offer to Varitek, along with two other free agents (likely Teixeira and Burnett):

    Goes to show what Cafardo knows.

  2. randy says:

    This Teixeira business is giving me an ulcer.

  3. redsoxtalk says:

    BTW, the Dbacks just signed Felipe Lopez to play second for them, so the Lugo deal is now pretty much a non-story.

  4. steve says:

    How can you say that albert pujols is that much better than teix. go number for number in 08

    avg .308, 33 hr and 123 rbi.

    pujols: .357 37hr 116 rbi

    when it comes down to it at the end of the year, the RBI’s and Homers are similar. Pujols hits for a better average

    as far as the glove goes you couldn’t be more wrong.

    the top 2 defensive 1b in baseball are Teixiera, youkilis, pujols in that order

    teix had a .998 fld% while pujols was .996. I put youk ahead of pujols because of his errorless streak in his young career.

  5. redsoxtalk says:

    Hey Steve, thanks for your reply. I have to respectfully disagree. Instead of just looking at 2008 numbers, let’s compare them over the past 3 years (after all, even Brady Anderson hit 50 HR in one season, 1996):

    Pujols [.338/.441/.630, 119 HR, .442 wOBA]
    Teixeira [.299/.394/.543, 96 HR, .398 wOBA]

    And over their careers:

    Pujols [.334/.425/.624, 319 HR in 8 seasons, 170 OPS+]
    Teixeira [.290/.378/.541, 203 HR in 6 seasons, 134 OPS+]

    Tex is also very good, but them’s crazy numbers. Pujols is just another class of hitter. Pujols has also been playing with a bad elbow the past two seasons, and put up 4 straight years of 40+ HR before that (albeit in the NL). How many 40 HR years for Tex? That would be one.

    John Dewan’s team at the Fielding Bible strongly disagrees with you about who the best-fielding first-baseman in baseball is:

    The plus-minus system is far from perfect, but a lot of good baseball minds put Pujols’s glove WAY above the pack, including Tex.

    Ultimate zone rating (UZR) has Pujols at +7.8 runs/150 games and Teixeira at +3.5/150 games, so it also rates Pujols as a far superior defender. Watch enough Cardinals baseball, and I’ll wager you’ll begin to agree.

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