2009 Offseason: Rule 5 results, Manny threatens retirement

In the first round of the Rule 5 draft, the Red Sox selected 24-year old RHP Miguel Gonzales out of the Angels organization. SoxProspects.com already has a page on him; he throws in the low 90s with good command, mixing a slider and a changeup. He has worked as botha  starter and a reliever at Double-A, but missed all of 2008 with a knee injury. He seems to be fully recovered, as he played well in the Mexican Winter League. According to Rule 5, he must stay on the Major League 40-man roster all year, or else be sent back to the Angels.

For the Triple-A phase of the draft, they selected 22-year old RHP Jason Rice from the White Sox and 21-year old RHP Miguel Marquez from the Mariners. The 5-10 Rice has a live arm, but also had control issues until last year, when he finally broke through as a starter at Single-A. Marquez is a hard-throwing Venezuelan who gets a lot of ground balls. He has been working as a starter.

Manny threatens retirement

Looks like Manny doesn’t even need to be on a team to be Manny. Upset with the lack of interest so far this offseason, he has told some friends that he might consider retirement if he doesn’t get a good offer soon.

First of all, what a selfish prick. But we knew that. That’s the kind of guy you want to commit lots of years and dollars to so he can play on your team, yeah. Eric Seidman over at FanGraphs did a quick calculation and estimates Manny’s annual value at something like $15-17M a year, not what he thought he was worth, obviously.

Secondly, we all know that Scott Boras likes to play the waiting game with his biggest free agents, waiting until later on in the offseason to squeeze teams for more money. I wonder if his games with the biggest names don’t hurt his other clients. After all, many of the teams who are after Mark Teixeira would turn to Manny once Tex is off the table.


One Response to 2009 Offseason: Rule 5 results, Manny threatens retirement

  1. Pat says:

    First of all, what a selfish prick. But we knew that.

    Amen to that.

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