2009 Offseason: Sox bring back Kotsay

The Red Sox have reportedly agreed with Mark Kotsay to a one-year, $1.5M contract to be the backup first baseman and fifth outfielder for the 2009 season. Considering the questions about how much Rocco Baldelli will be able to play, keeping Kotsay’s excellent defense (he can even play a little in centerfield) makes a lot of sense.

Poor Chris Carter. It’s beginning to look like he’ll never get a shot up here.


10 Responses to 2009 Offseason: Sox bring back Kotsay

  1. Bill says:

    That is to bad for Carter. He needs an opportunity. He has done everything that he can do in the minor leagues. I think his perseverence will make him a very good player in the bigs but I do not see the Red Sox giving him an opportunity. Theodore has recieved great value from guys that were under estimated for a myriad of reasons, (i.e. Youk and Pedroia.) If Theo does not beleive that work ethic and determination is enough for Carter to succeed, then he should trade him.

  2. Jshots says:

    Carter will never get a chance with the Red Sox. He is not a first-rounder and he is not an over-the-hill all star. I would love to see him hit in Fenway and I have seen him play in left for Pawtucket. He is better defensively than many left-fielders and backs up every play. He always hustles and is very similiar to Pedroia in his intensity. His body is awkward but he gets the job done. I would like the Red Sox to at least give him a chance.

  3. Bdogg says:

    He is a very good minor leaguer and I think that he will be a great major leaguer because of his perseverence. However, he does not fit the mold of a starting major leaguer. But he has succeeded at every level. He is hard working and very determined, I would like to see the Red Sox play him but it seems that he does not fit into their plans. He is too good to stay in AAA, but who will take him? Maybe the Reds, Mariners, Twins, or perhaps the Rangers. Either way, because of his tenacity, I would not bet against him. I am interested to see what Theodore chooses as Carter’s future. I think that in the end, he willl have a great story.

  4. Emily says:

    Who cares? THe Sox will not play him. End of story!

  5. Shea says:

    I think anybody who has meritted and invested their soul into any one thing should get an opportunity, at least once to reach their goal.

  6. redsoxtalk says:

    I say it’s sad because he’s actually guy who can play at this level, and he’s worked hard to get where he is, yet he’ll never really be a great fit here, much like David Pauley, David Murphy, Brandon Moss and Kason Gabbard. His only shot to stick here was in a 1B/LF Eric Hinske-type role, and that space is occupied now.

    If he can get any value for him, Theo will trade Carter. Otherwise I think he is destined to play at Pawtucket, filling in here and there until his minor league options expire (I believe after 2010). I hope he catches on with another team, because he is a smart and talented player.

  7. Redsockberd says:

    The red sox should give Chris an opportunity early on. If he pans out and the Red Sox are better for it, great. If he doesn’t, then trade him in June and know that you gave a hard worker and a good kid a shot.
    I think the Red Sox need to do something like that in order to get away from the reputaion that they only sign Veterans and play high draft picks in the big leagues. Giving late rounders that do not sign for much money but perform in the minor leagues an opportunity to play at Fenway, is something that would be beneficial to the make up of the big league team and the organization as a whole.
    A move like that would be a good story for the fans, and I think that players who have to earn a call-up are hungrier and better team players than those that have everything given to them.

  8. Ctown says:

    Chris Carter is better than Moss, Murphy, and Gabbard. His numbers are better than theirs in the minor leagues. The Red Sox should give him an opportunity. Tampa beat the Red Sox heads up, in the division and in the play offs with guys that the Red Sox released (i.e. Pena and Hinske) and guys that they would not consider signing (Ballfour).
    If they don’t bring guys like Carter up, then they will continue to be a good team but never a Championship team.

  9. Hubble says:

    I saw him get his first hit in the Tampa game where Coco Crisp boxed the pitcher. I looked him up the next day to see who he was and it said he was sent back to AAA. 2 for3, nice catches in left and he gets sent down.
    If he is such a good person and has great numbers, give him the chance.
    I am rooting for him.

  10. cheech says:

    Bat Carter 4th and put him in left. He will do more to help the team than Bay, and will provide the same offense as Manny without the horrible defense.

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