Links: It’s almost that time

Groundhog Day might have been a disappointment, but there are signs that baseball will soon be back. For the second straight year, pitcher Jon Lester has reported very early to Ft. Myers. Very different from some former players who you just never knew when they’d show up, eh? Just seeing this kid’s work ethic helps you understand one of the keys to his success (beyond his amazing physical ability to throw a baseball, of course).

Sox nab Wilkerson

The Red Sox added another player to their outfield depth in 31-year old veteran Brad Wilkerson. He is known for being a patient hitter with some pop, though that has declined in recent years. Wilkerson is a career .247/.350/.440 hitter and has hit both lefties and righties well, though he’s been used almost exclusively against RHP. He is still  a pretty decent defender and can also play at first base, but if he sees much action this year, it’ll mean that injuries have wiped out our outfielders. His minor league deal has him starting at Pawtucket this season.

Let the previews begin

Ian Browne outlines some of the unanswered questions the Sox face entering this season.

A couple of articles going over the Red Sox projected starting rotation. We have excellent depth, but probably won’t be the most dominant staff in our tough division. It all boils down to health anyway, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Incidentally, we are beginning work on our season preview as well.


One Response to Links: It’s almost that time

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    In order to understand the signing of Wilkerson, here’s a report that Mark Kotsay just underwent back surgery, knocking him out for at least one month:

    Here I was thinking that Epstein just hates Chris Carter.

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