Links: Pitchers and catchers this week

More trickles of news as the winter slowly fades into the only Spring that counts:

The Sox have included 19 NRI at camp this year, with some guys who have worked their way up and deserve to get a look. I’m pulling for players like Charlie Zink, Chip Ambres and Dustin Richardson, who are on the fringe, to get a shot.

The truck left this week, bound for Ft. Myers. Pitchers and catchers are due Thursday, with the rest of the players there by the 18th. Can’t wait to get things started.

Jason Varitek passed his physical, and his contract is now official. This puts the future of George Kottaras into question, since he is out of options. If he doesn’t beat out Josh Bard this Spring, he’ll probably have to be cut.

Boston’s philosophy on team building was made clear this offseason: invest in pitchers and athletic players in the draft, and don’t overpay for free agents.

Jed Lowrie and Julio Lugo are expected to compete for the shortstop job; it’d be great if Lugo could come back and be solid, but I’m not putting any money on that.

Rocco Baldelli speaks about his attitude towards this season in light of his medical condition.

Sean McAdam offers his take on the 2009 Red Sox bullpen.

John Tomase talks about the great bench the Sox have built for this year.

The AP offers a look at the offseasons of other AL teams.


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