2009 Spring Training: Boston College and more

As is the custom, both Josh Beckett and Clay Buchholz dominated their more educated but less talented counterparts today. Buchholz only needed 6 pitches to get through his inning, and he struck out one of those guys.

Bard to catch Wakefield

Josh Bard will be catching Tim Wakefield in tonight’s game against the Twins; I heard on WEEI this morning that Bard’s bad performance three years ago with the knuckleball had to do with him trying to change his catching technique to try and imitate Doug Mirabelli more. That clearly didn’t work, so he’s gonna stick to just being Josh tonight.

WBC Update

Daisuke Matsuzaka didn’t look too good in his start for the Japan team today, in a practice game in preparation for the WBC. No reason to worry unless he gets hurt.

Speaking of the Classic, the Sox are sending six players: David Ortiz (Dominican Republic), Dice-K (Japan), Kevin Youkilis (USA), Dustin Pedroia (USA), Javier Lopez (Puerto Rico) and Jason Bay (Canada). Just pray hard that none of them returns with an injury.

Papi looks healthy

Like I’ve been saying, don’t worry about Big Papi. He was peppering the stands with baseballs on Tuesday morning during BP. Mmm… home runs…

Other bits of info

Hideki Okajima won’t become a free agent next year if the Sox don’t want him to. When his option vested, it gave the Sox control over him until 2012; he will be arbitration-eligible after this season.

Jacoby Ellsbury is leaner, stronger and faster (really?) after spending his offseason at API in Arizona. Just remember what that did for Pedey’s season last year. I can’t wait to see Ells burn it up this year.

Baseball America’s annual Top 100 prospects list was released this week. Lars Anderson, Michael Bowden and Daniel Bard are all mentioned.


One Response to 2009 Spring Training: Boston College and more

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    Just a couple of notes from tonight’s game:

    Ramon Ramirez is lanky but has a pretty compact throwing motion. If he can be consistent with it, he’ll be a tough guy to face late in games. I likey.

    Chip Ambres is eager to impress, and looks overaggressive and lost at the plate. In contrast, Lars Anderson is calm up there and controls the at-bat. I could see his maturity when he stroked a high and outside pitch down the opposite field line, and almost ended up with a nice double (it sliced foul). He ended up grounding out to second base, but it was a good at-bat. No wonder he’s considered such a top prospect.

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