2009 Spring Training: Links

Good news on the injury front – Mike Lowell could take the field in two weeks, he says. That means he’ll be ready to go probably within a week of Opening Day, and maybe on the day.

After struggling in his first start with the Japanese WBC team, Daisuke Matsuzaka made it up in another exhibition game. Three scoreless innings against the Yomirui Giants is pretty good. See? Nothing to worry about.

Clay Buchholz has looked very good in his outings thus far. He’s shown confidence and poise, two things he struggled with last year when the Sox tried to change his throwing motion and bounced him between Pawtucket and the Majors.

Pitching phenom Michael Bowden struggled in his first Grapefruit League start against Tampa Bay. The key is not having a bad game (it’s still very early), but in how he responds to it. Let’s see if he rises to the challenge next time.

Junichi Tazawa impressed in his debut against BC, but he is gaining more praise for his maturity, calmness and professionalism at camp. He’s more of a polished product than the Sox thought, according to Terry Francona. Craig Shipley deserves a lot of credit for the quality of Japanese players the Sox are signing, unlike *ahem* some teams ($20M for Kei Igawa, anyone?)


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