Sox 5, Yanks 4 in 11 innings

Wow. That game was just – wow. Jason Bay comes up with two outs in the bottom of the ninth against Mariano Rivera, against whom he was 0-4 lifetime with 2 strikeouts. The score? Yankees 4, Red Sox 3. But then he drives a cutter high and deep, but towards the deepest part of Fenway – oh no, it’s going to be caught. It sails back, back, and, somehow, clears the fence by a matter of inches. Everyday Jason Bay sends it to extra innings, and in the 11th, Kevin Youkilis hits a walk-off homer. If there was ever a symbol (since *ahem* 2004) for the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, this game was it. The Yankees came into town with all their shiny new free agent acquisitions and self-confidence, and, somehow, some way, Boston wins it against the Sandman. I know it’s early, but that kind of game is why I watch baseball.Besides the two heroes at the plate, we shouldn’t forget to mention the bullpen and the defense, which were just spectacular in this one. Dustin Pedroia and Mike Lowell both made outstanding plays which kept this one alive. Jon Lester pitched very well, striking out nine, but he did come out early due to a high pitch count.

Several Red Sox are happy to have Kason Gabbard back on board. Everyone attests to his ability to overachieve and just… win.

Julio Lugo may be back on hand as soon as Monday. The Sox will plug him into the starting role immediately, but likely continue to mix in Nick Green until he proves he can handle playing every day.


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