Caught red-handed: Just Manny being Manny

Effective yesterday, Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball for testing positive for a banned substance. Maybe it was the way it all happened that was surprising, but I must say that it doesn’t truly surprise me. I told you the Dodgers would regret signing Ramirez. “Mannywood” indeed!

When the news broke yesterday, Manny issued a statement through the MLBPA basically saying that the drug was about a personal health issue. He pleaded no contest, which is unheard of in these cases. When it turned out that the drug was actually a women’s fertility drug, that threw his excuse into question. It turns out that HCG is widely employed among hardcore steroid users to restart testosterone production after a steroid cycle, effectively masking steroid use. Now which one sounds more plausible to you?

Think about it, Ramirez is known to be a workout warrior, and he is one of the most money-conscious (and therefore, numbers-conscious) players out there. He was playing for a contract after the trade last season. It doesn’t take much to surmise what happened.

Current Red Sox who played with Manny are denying any knowledge of steroid use, but I’m sure he used while he was here. Here are some reactions from Terry Francona, the Red Sox players, and also from some prominent baseball people. Even the White House had something to say on the issue.

Meanwhile, Bob Ryan is taking a lot of heat for his column stating that Manny could in fact be innocent. Uh, no.

And don’t even bring up the tainted world championships issue, I don’t believe that argument, and neither should you. Manny was one of many players who have tested positive, and they are not all Red Sox.


One Response to Caught red-handed: Just Manny being Manny

  1. redsoxtalk says:

    And the evidence against the dred-locked one keeps mounting:

    I don’t think there’s any defending the guy now. I admire the guy’s achievements but the guy himself is just a first-class jerk.

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