Papi goes yard, Sox down Jays

The home run drought is over. Mercifully, it’s over. Maybe now David Ortiz can relax some and stop flailing at pitches out of the zone that he has no business flailing at. Maybe now he can stop overswinging and get back into his groove. Maybe now sports journalists like Jim Donaldson can stop the crazy talk about dropping Papi to 7th or trading for his replacement. With Kevin Youkilis and Daisuke Matsuzaka ready to return, this may signal a resurrection for the Sox, who have been uneven at times.

The ensuing 8-3 victory followed up on a 2-1 gem by Tim Wakefield, who is showing off his ability despite his age. What decline?

The 5-4 loss against the Angels last week was a strange one. 9 (or was it 10?) Red Sox struck out looking due to the enlarged strike zone of home plate umpire Bill Miller, and Terry Francona was ejected for complaining. Miller drew the ire of even normally pacifist players like Jason Bay and J.D. Drew after the game.

Speaking of Drew, John Tomase thinks he’s due for an offensive breakout. Drew has been hitting 22% line drives this season, and that doesn’t match up with his .256 average, but the .316 BABIP doesn’t suggest that he’s been the victim of bad luck. Drew has struck out almost 30% of his plate appearances, and that is concerning to me. Pitchers are attacking him more, throwing him more first pitch strikes, so he needs to be ready to make them pay up there. Drew has been a little more aggressive on the edges of the strike zone, and that hasn’t helped him. Breakout? I don’t think so; a bit of a positive correction average-wise? Sure.

Mark Kotsay (yeah, remember him?) could be starting his minor league rehab this weekend, finally. Unfortunately, Jeff Bailey has not been able to capitalize on his playing time so far; so it’ll be back to Pawtucket for Boston’s Old Faithful.

Pitcher John Smoltz was remarried this past Saturday. Congrats and see you in June!


2 Responses to Papi goes yard, Sox down Jays

  1. Tim Wright says:

    I heard some talks about the Sox going after Matt Holliday since Papi is doing so bad.

    Any thoughts on that?

  2. redsoxtalk says:

    I don’t have an objection to Matt Holliday the player. After a slow start (he didn’t hit his first HR until April 30th, before which he was hitting .243/.293/.329), he’s really come on and is hitting .296/.406/.494 in May. It seems that he’s fine with the AL adjustment. He’s a better hitter and a better fielder than Jason Bay, but I don’t know how Bay, as a lifetime NL guy, would react to a move to DH.

    With any move for a major player like that, it’s all about how much we have to give up. Holliday is set to become a free agent after this year, so he might not require as high a price tag as he otherwise might. It’s always risky doing business with Billy Beane, but he might accept something like Clay Buchholz or Michael Bowden plus one other prospect.

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