Sox trade Ambres, Lowrie may return early

The Red Sox traded outfielder Chip Ambres to the New York Mets for a PTBNL yesterday. Ambres was hitting .259/.335/.368 at Pawtucket at the time of the trade. This is just a depth move, and it frees up some outfield space at Triple-A, which is already crowded with the likes of Zach Daeges, Chris Carter and recently promoted Aaron Bates.

David Pinto questions Terry Francona for lifting Josh Beckett after just 94 pitches against the Yankees with a 6-0 lead. I understand his line of questioning, but two things help me to understand Francona’s mentality in lifting Beckett early: first, the Sox bullpen is the bomb, plus they need to keep fresh (Manny Delcarmen hadn’t worked in four days), and we have guys who can hold a lead, even against the Yankees. Second, Beckett was coming off four consecutive starts of at least 116 pitches dating back to April 25 (also against the Yankees). Given the way Josh is pitching right now, it’d be a shame to overuse him a third of the way into the season and have him hit the DL in July. I think giving him a little bit of a rest was fine in this situation.

Nick Green made a pretty outstanding double play on Melky Cabrera’s liner on Tuesday. I missed it live, but it was nice. Even so, I’m happy to hear that Jed Lowrie could be back even sooner than anticipated.


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