More Dice-K madness, Papi out of the woods?

Daisuke Matsuzaka has been bad, horrible, even in 2009. Everyone’s piling on now, demanding he be traded (his no-trade clause be damned). But he’s been playing hurt, and what he’s done the past two years is a cache that should teach us better. Don’t give up too early on a guy that’s done nothing but produce, despite your lack of excitement over him.

In a hack-ish article, Bob Ryan writes that Dice-K clearly hasn’t been worth the $103M investment, but I say not so fast. How can you judge that about any guy who hasn’t even played out half his contract yet? Matsuzaka had a very good first year, and a borderline great second one. Fangraphs estimates his “free agent value” at around $30.9M over those two years (that would be equivalent to $92.7M over his six year deal, for those keeping track). He’s been hurt this year, but still managed to eke out $0.5M worth of innings so far in about half a season. That would still put him in the $75M value range, even if his production level decreased as a result of this year. Dice-K could still be worth the money, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Michael Silverman points out that this isn’t the first time Matsuzaka has experienced this shoulder issue.

David Ortiz has ripped 5 HR this month, and has hit .300/.400/.654 over 17 games. What a relief for everyone! But, as Dave Magadan cautions us, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the struggles are over. Let’s prepare for the worst as we hope for the best.

Nick Green made a lot of highlight reels with this double play (and it was a beauty). No one’s ever criticized his grit or determination, just his tendency to bobble the ball. Now you’ll start hearing Sox fans saying he’s above average with the glove. His fielding at short has improved somewhat, but let’s not get carried away. He’s still a second baseman who’s playing out of position.

After sitting Mike Lowell this past weekend, Terry Francona admits the need to rest Mikey a bit more. That surgically-repaired hip can’t get full strength if Lowell’s out there every day.

The efficient Red Sox front office has signed eleven of their 50 draft picks so far, with more to come. Seth Schwindenhammer is on board.


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