06-29-2009 Injury report

Jason Varitek has been playing through some neck stiffness, perhaps revealing why the Sox saw the need to call up Dusty Brown, even for just a day. Keep pluggin, captain. Josh Beckett has been battling some stuff, but didn’t show it in his last start against the Braves. He should be just fine.

Mike Lowell has ridden his hip too hard this year, and he is feeling it now; he will receive an injection of Synvisc to lubricate the joint, but don’t be surprised if he has to go on the 15-day DL.

Jed Lowrie suffered a temporary setback when he was pulled from Sunday’s game with a sore knee. He was hit by a pitch earlier, and tried to play on it, but it was bothering him quite a bit. He may not be back until after the All-Star Break, after which Julio Lugo appears to be the odd man out. But what can the Sox do with him when that happens? I think they will try to shop him, but ultimately have to accept a PTBNL or cut him and eat the money left on his contract.

Jonathan Van Every will miss the rest of the 2009 season after having knee surgery this week. That means there is a lack of depth in centerfield behind Jacoby Ellsbury and Rocco Baldelli; look for the Sox to sign a player or make a trade for a defensive-minded centerfielder. Ellsbury was held out with a sore elbow last Friday after he jammed it against the wall making a catch on Thursday night.


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