Lowell mending, Dice-K taking it slow, Lowrie’s knee a problem

Mike Lowell says he feels better after being placed on the DL last week, and he will be hitting off of a tee starting today. Jeff Bailey was recalled in Lowell’s absence, but he may now go on the DL as well, probably opening the door for Chris Carter to see some time. Carter has been struggling since being sent back to Pawtucket back in April.

Daisuke Matsuzaka is in Florida, enjoying a nice, slow rehab for his ailing shoulder. I wish my job would send me to Florida to play catch. I also wish my job paid millions of dollars. In any case, the Sox are not in any hurry to have Dice-K back; John Smoltz is just getting started, and Clay Buchholz is lurking around waiting for some starts as well.

Jed Lowrie was hit in the knee by a pitch over a week ago, and it’s been causing him a lot of problems. He was seen in Boston this week, and he will be reporting to AA Portland to make a slow comeback. Looks like Nick Green will continue to man the hole for longer than we anticipated. Julio Lugo seems to have accepted his role as a bit player, so that’s not a terrible situation now; however, any chance we had of trading him is probably evaporating, due to Lowrie’s delayed return.


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